about boundless About Boundless

Boundless Environment Resource Solutions Private Limited (BERSPL) is focused on providing specialized solutions related to wastewater management, water recycling, zero discharge & solar energy systems. Our firm has over 25 years of industrial interaction experience offering tailor-made solutions to various industries. We at Boundless aspire to provide technical expertise to ensure smooth & energy efficient plant operations. It is our philosophy that solutions should be efficiently designed keeping in mind the best industry practices. BERSPL is a source for products, technology, and services all managed by a group of professionals with varied backgrounds in engineering, management & financial planning.

  Why Boundless

We consistently strive to deliver products that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our highly trained engineers and technicians are trained to deliver projects keeping in mind the best industry practices.

We have a team of trained engineers and technicians with extensive industry experience. Our ability to engineer customized solutions has allowed us to accumulate pioneering brands as our clientele.

BERSPL stands as a proud brand behind all of our products and solutions. We have a track record of delivering projects engineered to work in extreme climatic conditions found in the Indian subcontinent.

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