We Are

Boundless Environment Resource Solutions Private Limited, an innovative consulting firm (“Boundless”) focused on solar energy systems on the forefront of best practices.

Our Promise

  • Exceed the expectation of our customers
  • Deliver projects engineered to work effectively in Indian sub-continent
  • Offer customized renewable energy solutions that meet budget and climate action expectations


We are proud of our Solar Projects across the country and a variety of customers



We were keen to reduce our energy bill and at the same time reduce our carbon footprint. A chance meeting with team Boundless and the ball was set rolling. Boundless not only understood our concerns and expectations but helped us overachieve our targets. They live by the value of customer delight.
Kartar Pur

It was not easy to put a solar energy plant at our location. The terrain was difficult and manoeuvring of the panels was not easy. The heights of the tin shed was 80 ft. Boundless team innovated on the design and delivered the project within set cost and time parameters.
Safety for their on-roll and contract staff was crucial for them; they modified putting up of the solar panels so as to ensure safety of both staff and equipment.


Our site was getting delayed due to COVID related lockdown, leading to difficulty in delivery of some equipment. Boundless ensured air delivery of the equipment at no extra cost to us. They delivered on their promise of intime project completion, even in these trying times.

Bhatti Agritech Kartarpur