Striving towards a world where healthy environment and energy security is the reality for all through constant innovation and dedication.

We are committed to a healthy and a prosperous world through innovation in environmental sustainability and increase in renewable energy generation and distribution.

To be a leader in Energy and Environment by providing quality and performance-based technological solutions and services in wide-ranging industries with a reputation for integrity and commitment to creating value for every customer.”

Every single member at BOUNDLESS embodies our five shared organization values, which provide us with a common ground upon which we build our vision.

 Customer delight

BOUNDLESS believes in putting the customer’s needs before its own. Our team with experience stretching over two decades in an ever-increasing range of industries, we know that each customer, each plant, and each process is unique but equally important. By putting ourselves in the client’s shoes, we understand the necessities of productivity gains, waste elimination, and superior plant performances. We keep this in mind at every stage to make sure that our quality and integrity is never compromised.


 High-performance innovation

With the ever-changing nature of the global business environment, BOUNDLESS believes that staying ahead of the curve is the only way to make meaningful contributions towards our success and the success of our clients. By engaging in dedicated Research and Development efforts to constantly improve our product range and continuously refining our solutions and service offering, innovation and progress are our guiding principles.


 Value creation through time-based efficiency

BOUNDLESS believes in maximizing productive gains with efficiency in program design, management, and deployment of material and manpower. The continuous focus on efficiency leads to optimal costs, performance and resource utilization for BOUNDLESS and our clients a timely manner.


 Knowledge Collaboration

Operating in highly technical fields, we believe that collective progress is only possible through the sharing and dispersal of knowledge and information. Being an active member in industry groups, BOUNDLESS seeks to learn from our peers and in turn give back on our accumulated experience and knowledge and this value is held with our partnering organization and internally among our various teams.


 Safety, Environment, Quality

As reflected in our ISO compliances, BOUNDLESS is seriously committed to the four pillars of Safety, Environment, Efficiency, and Quality. These values are held at production facilities, workplace environments, and client sites. We deliver on our promises with all four to all our partners, customers, competitors, and employees.

Our Clients

  • Come first
  • Are the reason we are here
  • Are enormously valued
  • Are fully informed
  • Benefit from our non-stop forward thinking
  • Join us in meaningful, close business relationships

Our Employees

  • Uncompromising
  • Skilled and educated
  • Thorough
  • Committed to personalized service
  • Committed to Tower Water
  • Have the tools they need to succeed


(As described by their clients, prospects and employees)

1  Be Reliable

“They show up on time and are prepared to work. If, for any reason, they are running behind, we are notified. If, for any reason, something is missing, they have plenty of representatives in NYC and the surrounding areas that they can call on to get something that may be needed.”

2  Responsiveness

“They respond to your call, day or night, 24/7/365. They respond directly with what I am asking for, and in the manner in which I need it.”

3  Have a Can-Do Attitude

“Tower Water hates to say no! If they are waiting for someone else to finish their service so that they can begin theirs, they actually assist the other company – finding creative ways to get the majority of the work completed so as to not lose the day. If something is missing, Tower Water finds a way to make it work (even if it’s temporary) until they can return to complete the job.”

4  Exhibit Passion For What We Do

“The entire Tower Water team cares about all of their services, which includes cleaning, testing, inspecting, or investigating. They care about the final outcome, and document their results accordingly.” We not only have the companies name on everything we do, we have our own. We want everyone to know that we “go over and above” for our clients. We take water treatment seriously, as it is our
livelihood, our reputation, and our life.

5  Understand The Value of Reputation

“We believe we are at the top of the market, providing the best value for the services we perform. They have same-page meetings with their customers, making sure realistic expectations are met and that there are no miscommunications before, during or after the project or service.

They hire the best people which represent these core values their organization.”

Welcome to Boundless

Experience a boundless smile

Our firm is focused on providing specialized solutions related to wastewater management, water recycling, zero discharge & solar energy systems. Our firm has over 25 years of industrial interaction experience offering tailor-made solutions to various industries. We at Boundless aspire to provide technical expertise to ensure smooth & energy efficient plant operations ensuring a low maintenance cost. It is our philosophy that solutions should be efficiently designed and not under or oversized thereby maintaining production capacity while reducing consumption of resources. To deliver such solutions emphasis is placed on efficiently utilizing man-hours, environmental resources & best industry practices. BERSPL is a source for products, technology and services all managed by a group of professionals with varied backgrounds in engineering. Utilizing the latest technology, applying proven engineering processes and leveraging a strong network of international and domestic contacts and we provide a wealth of experience and expertise to our clientele.

Our Team

Danish Goswami
Project Lead-Solar
Vikas Goswami
Director- Consultancy Services
Rakesh Sharma
Jagdish Chand
Sr. Installation Supervisor - Operations
Manoj Kumar
Sr. Installation Supervisor - Operations
Mohan Singh
Sr. Support Staff
Sr. Manager Purchase
Jr. Support Staff